Envision yourself enveloped in elegance: soft music, luxurious linens, and pure ambiance. We are here to nurture your being, soothe your muscles, and pamper your soul. All of our massage therapists provide a range of therapeutic deep tissue and relaxing bodywork, and will gladly process personal injury claims. As always, aromatherapy is complimentary with any service.

Choose from one of our many specialties:

Swedish Relaxation Massage ~ A relaxing spa massage to decrease tension and increase circulation through kneading, stretching, and compression of the muscles. Promotes stress relief, improved circulation, eases anxiety and depression and instills an overall sense of well-being. Swedish is often used in combination with other types of massage.

Deep Tissue Massage ~ A more intense massage, Deep Tissue is commonly used for injury treatment, spasms, chronically tight and painful muscles. It addresses deeper layers of muscles and tendons with more pressure or intensity than a Swedish relaxation massage. It is important to know that you may experience residual soreness for 24 to 48 hours after receiving treatment.

Medical Massage (Personal Injury Claims)~ Medical massage is performed with the intent of improving a wide variety of conditions or pathologies that have been diagnosed by a physician; an array of massage techniques are utilized to focus the treatment based on the diagnosed condition. A Doctor’s prescription is required. We accept and bill all PIP personal injury (car accident) claims. While we do not accept or bill medical insurance, we are happy to provide you with a coded receipt for you to submit on your own if your policy has out of network benefits (please check with your insurance provider prior to services).

Sports Massage ~ Focuses on preventing and treating sports-related injuries, as well as enhancing athletic performance. A combination of techniques are used in this fast paced massage. Sports Massage is specifically designed for people involved in strenuous physical activity. It is very effective in injury recovery and for those who want to reduce their risk of injury to stay at the top of their game.

Myofascial Release ~ This very effective treatment helps with loss of flexibility and range of motion restrictions. Great for those who have developed postural problems due to chronic injury, desk jobs, or inactivity as well as residual pain and stiffness from old injuries. This movement therapy can be as gentle as stretching, yet may also be uncomfortable while the soft tissue is releasing.

Hot Stone Massage ~ Comfortably heated, smooth stones are placed on the body to warm and loosen muscles and balance energy centers. The therapist may also hold the stones and apply gentle pressure throughout the massage. Ideal for those who have muscle tension but prefer a lighter pressure massage. Hot stones may be added to any massage.

Pregnancy Massage ~ Tailored to the specific needs of the expectant mother, using proper positioning and support techniques. Also referred to as prenatal massage, this treatment is used to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieve aches and pains, and reduce anxiety and depression.

Cupping Therapy ~ Massage Cupping is used to bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin, loosen adhesions, lift connective tissue and soften stubborn knots in the muscles by creating suction and reverse pressure. Cupping is also beneficial in opening lymphatic pathways to drain excess fluids and toxins and stimulate the peripheral nervous system.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage ~ Manual lymph drainage massage (MLD) is a form of very light massage that encourages lymph flow to remove congestion and stagnation from within the body. It is particularly good for edema, post-surgical swelling, stimulating and strengthening the immune system and aiding in the body's natural waste removal and detoxification.

The Healing Garden Massage Therapy Services

Individual Massage Pricing

Unlike many spas, all of our massages are a full 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes!

Chair massage: $1.50 per minute
30 minute massage: $50
60 minute massage: $80
90 minute massage: $110
120 minute massage: $160
Hot stone massage: additional $10 per massage

Aromatherapy is complimentary with any massage upon request

Package Pricing

60 minute massage packages
5 massage package: $360 (savings of $40)
10 massage package: $720 (savings of $80)
20 massage package: $1,440 (BONUS- 1 free 60 minute massage, a total savings of $240!)

90 minute massage packages
5 massage package: $495 (savings of $55)
10 Massage package: $990 (savings of $110)
20 Massage package: $1,980 (BONUS- 1 free 90 minute massage, a total savings of $330!)

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